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R. Rothem Diamonds -
Our Business is Serving Your Loose Diamonds Business.

R. Rothem Diamonds was founded in 1942 and is a 3rd generation diamond manufacturer of high quality Russian Cut Diamonds. We specialize in helping jewelers and professional diamond buyers find the right diamonds at the right prices to suit all of their professional needs. We have grown to become one of the largest and most trusted suppliers of Triple Excellent Make Diamonds and Argyle Pink Diamonds by focusing on the three core values established by our company’s founder, Reuven Rothem.

Trust is the Cornerstone of All Success

For nearly 7 decades and three generations, R. Rothem has been a reliable source of high quality loose diamonds for jewelers and professional diamond buyers because all of our business relationships are built upon a solid foundation of trust.

This is why you can always count on us to provide your business with:

100% Conflict Free Diamonds: Every single loose diamond sold at R. Rothem is guaranteed to be 100% conflict free and providing your customers with complete peace of mind.

The Price We Quote is the Price You Pay: You will NEVER find any hidden fees or surprises on your invoices from R. Rothem because all fees and charges are prominently displayed during every step of the purchase process. And if you ever have any questions or concerns during your purchase, please don’t hesitate to call or contact us so that we can help you directly.

We Always Upgrade, We Never Downgrade: If we are ever temporarily out of the loose diamonds that meet your exact specifications, then we will upgrade your order and provide you with diamond(s) of higher value at no additional charge. Although this is exceedingly rare for us not to have the Russian loose diamonds in stock, rest assured that will rectify the situation in YOUR favor, never the opposite!

Quality is Never Sacrificed for Any Reason

R. Rothem only manufactures Russian make loose diamonds that are not only 100% Conflict Free - but of exceptional quality as well. We fully understand that your customers want and deserve nothing but the best so that is why every single loose diamond sold by R. Rothem Diamonds passes our intensive Quality Assurance test-or we don’t sell it.

R. Rothem offers high quality Russian Makes, EGL, IGI and GIA certified triple excellent make in a wide assortment of shapes, colors, sizes, and clarities. The majority of certified stones that we normally stock are Argyle Pink Diamonds, Round Cut GIA certified stones ranging between 1 carat to 3 carat as well as GIA Dossier diamonds ranging from 0.30 carat to 0.99 carat and Pique Diamonds in parcels.

As always, R. Rothem is here to serve your business and will always help jewelers and professional buyers find the right stones to meet their needs - always!

Service the Client As We Would Like to Be Serviced

As third generation diamond manufacturers, R. Rothem fully understands the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to be successful in this industry year after year. This is why we pride ourselves in treating our jewelers and professional diamond buyers with the very same respect, attention to detail, and exceptional service as we would like to receive.

To better serve our clients and help them save precious time while being more efficient, we had a special Search Engine developed. Our Search Engine allows you to search our entire inventory in just seconds by entering in your exact specifications, including:

  • Weight
  • Shape
  • Cut
  • Size
  • Clarity
  • Fancy Colors
  • Labs (certification)

Then Hit “Submit” And All the Diamonds In Our Inventory Matching Your Criteria Will Be Instantly Displayed!

And if you don’t see “exactly” what you want in the search results, simply pick up the phone and call our direct Israel number: +972-3575-3518) or email us at: sales@rothem-diamonds.com

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