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R. Rothem Diamonds terms and conditions of usage:

Welcome to the site "rothem-diamonds.com" that is run by R. Rotem Diamonds ltd. (hereinafter: "The site's administration" or "The company").
Using the site is subject to the conditions detailed in this document. Kindly read the terms of use in the site: (hereinafter "The codex").

Your logging in and usage are evidence for your acceptance of the conditions detailed.
The terms of use relate to the site that appears under the domain name: www.rothem-diamonds.comm Wherever the term "surfer" or "user" is used in this document it refers to a person who makes use of the site via the web including cellular communication.

It is likely that additional terms of use and/or stipulations will be mentioned else where in some of the site's sections pertaining to that particular section or service. The usage of these services and sections is subject to these terms as well as to specific conditions and agreements.

In this document the site's administration includes its employees, managers, owners and those who work on its behalf o have been granted power of attorney to represent it. The terms of use are written in masculine form but apply both to men and women.
Wherever there is a contradiction between what is written in the terms of usage and what is mentioned in the site, the parties will accept only what is written in the terms of usage as valid.
The site's administration will be entitled to change the site's terms and conditions of usage from time to time without being obligated to notify parties and that in relation to future transactions only and the site's users are responsible to get updated.

The information appearing on the site

1. rothem-diamonds.com is a commercial website specializing in selling loose precious stones an operating on the web. The administration reserves the exclusive right to decide which contents will appear for how long they will be displayed as well as where and how they will be designed.

2. The site's administration will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, monetary or otherwise that might be caused to whomever as a result of using and/ or relying on the services and data presented on the website except for cases in which damage has been caused as a result of the company's negligence.

3. To dispel any doubt it is hereby clarified that the contents appearing on the website have been exclusively accepted by the administration of the website.

4. cancelled.

5. The site's administration will not be responsible for information or contents that will be published on rothem-diamonds.com by third parties or for any result that will follow relying on them or using them as long as the site's administration had no reason to believe that the material published by third parties including advertisement presents information that in incredible and/or might mislead the public.

6. Information published on the net should be considered with caution and criticism, including information displayed on rothem-diamonds.com on all its different sections. The site's administration will not be responsible for the credibility, accuracy, wholeness or veracity of the information. Any information appearing on the site whether professional or other is not an alternative for consultation with appropriate professionals or examination of the published materials. Information given by users in rothem-diamonds.com

7. Personal details shared by surfers will be concealed from other users; nevertheless, it is important to be cautious when it comes to delivering one's personal details (such as address or phone number) as well as when giving answers as a result of using rothem-diamonds.com website or revealing personal details.

8. The site's administration commits itself to discretion pertaining to names and details including payment methods and email.

9. Despite the aforementioned, the administration will not be responsible for any kind of damage whether direct or indirect that will be caused to the participant or any other party, in case the information reaches a hostile party and/ or is abused whether on purpose or through negligence. Despite what is mentioned in this clause, it should be clarified that the site's administration takes all measures to preserve the privacy of its clients including the information that relates to them.

10. Upon registration to rothem-diamonds.com and/ or providing your details to the site's administration you will be asked to authorize the administration to include you in the clients' list that are included in the direct marketing distribution list according to the stipulations in amendment 40 to the communications law. Your agreement to be included on the site's distribution list will be considered as agreement to all intents and purposes and will serve as evidence in every procedure.

11. The site's administration commits itself before its users not to pass on its clients' personal details to a third party unless there is an omission that affects or might affect the site and/or third parties of one sort or another, including R. Rothem Diamonds's clients or in case the services of R. Rothem Diamonds have been used to execute an illegal deed or in case of violation of the conditions of this agreement or in case of a court order and/or a decision of an authorized court in Israel that instructs the site to hand over the user's details.

12. Additionally, the site's administration will be authorized to reveal the user's details in any case of controversy or legal proceedings between the user and the site and that for the sake of the proceeding alone.

13. Without detracting from the generality of the aforesaid, the details that are provided by the site's users in general that are not included in the category of personal details will be available for usage, replication, distribution, public execution, third party authorization, advertising or translation and the user hereby wavers any claim pertaining to this information that is published on the site.

How to use the site's services

14. rothem-diamonds.com is a commercial website on the internet.

15. rothem-diamonds.com concentrates contents, information and pictures that are provided, among other ways, by means of video clips in accordance with the discretion of the site's management in areas and topics that correspond with the administration's inclination for the benefit of the site's surfers.

16. Without detracting from the generality of the aforesaid, R. Rothem Diamonds operates an online store for selling loose diamonds.

17. All the media on rothem-diamonds.com website has been developed by the site's administration which is therefore the exclusive owner of the title of these contents unless specified otherwise.

18. The site's user receives a limited license to use the site's contents.

19. Additionally, this license is personal and non transferable.

20. The license is allocated to the user subjected to the procurement conditions and/or usage detailed on the site.

21. By confirming this agreement the user declares that all of the site's contents will be used exclusively for personal objectives and not commercial.

22. Commercial usage includes copy and distribution of the information for the purpose of advertising, marketing and/or making a profit.

23. In case of controversy and/or disagreement between the site's administration and the user pertaining to usage of the site, the details in the database of the site's management will serve as evidence for the sake of resolution in the dispute and they will serve as evidence in any legal proceeding between the parties. Payment and deliverance of payment details

24. Buying goods via the site requires payment in accordance with the specification that appears next to the items on offer.

25. Upon acquiring the items the user will be asked to give details about his or her means of payment. Submitting the details constitutes as the user's agreement to charge his or her credit card whose details have been given upon registration.

26. By confirming the agreement the user declares that he would like the site's administration to use the details he had submitted for buying the items.

27. The site's administration takes the most up to date measures to maintain confidentiality. The transactions on the website are secured by SSL technology which is the most advanced technology in the field of data security.

28. The users' payment details are encoded and secured. All the transactions performed by the users on the site are done subject to the confirmation of the credit card companies and/or other communication companies.

29. The site's administration reserves the right to avoid any transaction that seems corrupt whether pertaining to the buyer's identity and/or means of payment and pass on any detail to the authorities in case of the abovementioned suspicion. How to cancel a transaction

30. Upon registration to this website users accept that they will not be allowed to require a cancellation of a charge unless it meets the explicit orders of the Charge Cards Law 1986.

31. Additionally, users will only be able to cancel a transaction if it is done according to the orders of Consumer Protection Law1981 as follows:

a. A cancellation of a transaction will be done in 14 days from the day of receiving the good or the disclosure document whichever is the latter.

b. A cancellation notice will be submitted by fax/ email/ snail mail.

c. Upon cancellation of transaction that does not stem from a fault, incompatibility or delay in supply of the good or any other violation of the contract, the consumer's money will be returned to him or her within 14 days from receiving the cancellation notice, except for the cancellation fees of 5%or $US100 , the lower of the two, the product will be returned at the consumer's expense.

d. Upon cancellation of transaction stemming from a fault or incompatibility or delay in supply of the good or any other violation of the contract, cancellation fees will not be charged and the consumer's money will be returned to him or her within 14 days from the reception of the cancellation notice, the product will be returned at the company's expense.

e. The product will be returned in its original package.

f. The company has the right to sue the consumer for a reduction in the product's value.

g. The company will submit a copy of the cancellation notice that the business had submitted to the credit card company to the consumer.

h. Limits to the cancellation right: products that have been tailor made will not be cancelled as well as products that can be recorded, copied or replicated and if the consumer opened the original package.

Supply of products:

32. The site's administration will be entitled to update the sale in the store at its exclusive discretion.

33. Placing an order of a product from the online store entails payment in accordance with the price of the ordered item. After receiving payment, the site's administration will send the ordered item to the address provided by the user within a fixed period of time via regular mail.

34. Cancelled

35. The site's policy does not allow returning of items after receiving them unless the case is subject to legislation. Prohibitions on actions in the site The site's administration insists that the site's users hereby commit:

36. To use the services according to the set of rules and operation instructions as well as guidelines that will be published from time to time by the site's administration.

37. Not to go through any material and/ or computer files and/or forward a computer program, or code or applications that carry viruses, including hostile programs that are known as a Trojan horse, worms, vandals, malicious applications etc to other computers and/or use or disrupt other computers.

38. not to include passwords, user names and other details that facilitate the use of computer programs, digital files, internet websites or services that require registration or payment

39. Not to use the program to intrude on the privacy and/or violate copyrights, trademarks, brands, samples, patents as well as violate other rights of third party users and/ or infringe contractual rights and / or violate any other law.

40. To avoid flooding forums and/or blogs with futile messages.

41. To avoid usage of contents including SPAM and steer clear of mass distribution of email messages. Additionally, avoid contents that pertain either directly or indirectly to radio/ mobile and/ or peripheral equipment and/or any type of service that has been given or will be given either directly or indirectly by any one of the radio/ television/ cellular/ peripheral equipment unless it has been approved of .

42. To pass up any kind of foul language that might offend other users.

43. To avoid badgering users in the forum, chat or blog. Not break the law in any other way.

44. Not to upload illegal materials or materials that encourage, assist, or instruct how to commit a criminal offence or any other act that might hurt a person or a group of people to the website and the active forum on it.

45. Not to include any material that is considered libel.

46. To avoid publishing material that is forbidden by law.

47. Not to incite people to racism, offending another human being, murder or breaking the law.

48. Not to make other users' personal details public.

49. Not to carry out overt commercial advertising via forums or blogs.

50. Use the services in accordance with the code of rules and subject to the operation instructions and guidelines that will be issued by the site's administration from time to time.

51. Not to send email messages in a way that provokes complaints from the addressees.

52. Not to include any material pertaining to minors and identifying them including their personal details, address and ways of contacting them.

53. Not to include any material that might mislead the consumers or site users.

54. Not to refer users to any links or provide any other reference to material of which publication has been forbidden by this site. Advertisements

55. rothem-diamonds.com is a website that might contain commercial information that is advertised by different advertisers. Such information can be displayed as text, video, pictures or audio.

56. Advertising of commercial information does not constitute as a recommendation or encouragement to purchase the services, assets or products that are offered for sale including the company's products.

57. The site's administration will not take responsibility for the content or the ads that will be published on rothem-diamonds.com . The site's administration is not responsible for the content of such ads or authenticity. The responsibility lies only with the advertisers themselves.

58. All transactions based on information appearing on rothem-diamonds.com by a third party will be closed directly with the advertisers. The site's administration will not be a party in the transaction and will not be responsible for the services or products promoted by the ads on rothem-diamonds.com .

Access to rothem-diamonds.com website

59. The site's administration reserves the right to limit the access to some of the services and sections to registered users only and the usage will be stipulated on providing a user name and password.

60. In case the site's administration opts to limit the access, the user name, email address and password will be personal and non transferable.

61. The site's administration will be entitled to change or add access rules to the sections and services from time to time.

62. The site's administration reserves the right to itself to charge a fee for the services provided by it.

63. The site's user is responsible to check his or her hardware and their suitability to the site.

64. The site's administration will not handle any difficulties to access and/or surf the website on the user's part stemming from faulty equipment at his or her possession.


65. The site's administration does guarantee that all the links on the website are intact and lead to active websites. It is entitled to remove old links and avoid advertising new ones at its own absolute discretion. The very presence of a link to a certain website does not guarantee its credibility.

66. Rotem Collection will not be responsible for the contents or information appearing on linked websites or for any damage whether direct or indirect that might be caused by using the information or relying on it. Intellectual property

67. All copyrights and intellectual properties on rothem-diamonds.com including clips, pictures, brand names and logos of R. Rothem Diamonds as well as the website design including the contents included in it by the site's administration or on its behalf as well as every software, application, computer code, graphic file, image, text and any other material belong to the site's administration exclusively.

68. Additional content may be found on the website that are advertised according to an agreement between the site's administration and third party. The copyrights in theses contents belong to a third party and/or the site's administration all in accordance with what is agreed upon by both parties.

69. It is forbidden to copy, replicate, distribute, market or submit these contents or any part of them to the public without an explicit consent from the person who owns the rights to them. It is forbidden to carry out any action along the lines of reproduction, duplication, scanning, publication, public display and/or transference of the information via mail, fax, email, internet or any other digital means whether with return or not. It is forbidden to use or publish information appearing on the website in other websites and/or in any other place and/or other media. Furthermore, one is not allowed to develop, alter and/or transform the information in the system.

70. Logos and advertising notices of advertisers on the website are the advertiser's sole property and/or that of the website's administration.

71. The delivery itself of information intended for advertising on rothem-diamonds.com will make the deliverer its sole owner of copyrights granting him or her the right to deliver it for advertising. The very delivery of the information grants the site's administration an unlimited, universal and free license to copy, duplicate, distribute, market, deliver to the public and use the information at its own discretion on the website and on any other website that would be added to rothem-diamonds.com and in any other publication of the website's administration in any means of media.

The responsibility of the website's administration

72. The services and information provided on rothem-diamonds.com are provided for use as is. They can not be adjusted to every individual's needs. Surfers will not be able to hold anything against the administration of the site due to the contents or features of the information and services.

73. cancelled

74. The site's administratin does not guarantee the accuracy of details supplied by third parties. It can not verify the authenticity of the information provided to it and will not be hold accountable for any undesirable affect that will follow information that has been published on rothem-diamonds.com by third parties as long as it has taken reasonable measures to verify the information uploaded by third parties.

75. The site's administration does not guarantee that its services will always be provided without disruptions, breaks or any failures and will always be resistant to unauthorized access, damages, faults, mishaps or lapses in hardware, software, communication lines or systems with the administration or any of its suppliers.

Access obstruction

76. The site's administration is entitled to deny any of the users the usage of any of the site's facilities at its exclusive discretion and without prior notice.

77. The site's administration will do so if any violation of any of the conditions detailed in this document will come to its knowledge or if any deed or omission has been committed offending any of the site's users, the administration, its representatives or for any reason found fit by the administration.

78. The instructions in this article do not lessen any of the administration's rights by the law and by other instructions in these set of rules and additional online conditions on the website.


79. Any user is committed to indemnify the site's administration for any damage, deficit, loss of profit, payment or expense that will ensue including lawyer's fees and trial expenses following violation of these terms of use and/or following misuse of the website.

Technical support

80. The site's administration does not commit to offering technical support pertaining to using the website. It will make an effort to assist in solving technical problems that are related to using the website according to appeals received by emails only and/or other communication means as will be advertised from time to time on the website.

81. The site's administration will not undertake the provision of any professional support and/or consultation concerning the products.

Information deletion

82. The site's administration will be entitled to delete any material advertised by it at its own discretion.

83. Any content or information may be deleted after allocated time and there is no assurance that the information and/or ad will keep on being advertised in the future.

84. The site's administration may add information even if it was deleted in the past.

Changes and cessation of service

85. The site's administration reserves the right to itself to alter the site's layout, design, graphics, availability and services from time to time and without prior notice. These changes will be carried out, among other reasons, due to the dynamic nature of the internet and other technological changes.

86. Users will not bring any claim against the administration due to making such changes. It is herby clarified that such changes do not alter the nature of alliance between the administration and any individual user in accordance with this document.

87. Partially, services on rothem-diamonds.com are granted free of charge. The site's administration will be entitled to cease all or part of such services with a prior notice in case a decision is taken to do so. Upon cessation of services, the administration will be allowed to remove the material included on it with no prior notice.

88. The site's administration will make all the efforts to ensure that the activity on the site is done regularly albeit disruptions on the net that are not connected to rothem-diamonds.com site and the administration have no power over.

Governing law and forum selection

89. The validity of this Agreement and the rights, obligations and relations of the parties shall be construed and determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.

90. Any action or suit brought to enforce any right or remedy of this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Tel Aviv region, Haifa, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva only.

91. You acknowledge that your use of the site testifies to your acceptance of the jurisdiction as appearing in this document and that you accept the denotation of this jurisdiction as aforementioned.

92. If the site's administration has transferred its rights on the website or some of them to a third party it will have the right to erase its rights – all or part of them according to these terms.