What Are Conflict Free Diamonds ?

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The conflict free diamonds are diamonds that are not linked mined or purchased through the black market and are not used to finance civil wars like blood diamonds.

Conflict diamonds are diamonds that have been given the approval of the U.N.'s Kimberley Process, which states that these diamonds were mined in conflict free locations, by up to code diamonds mines, and are not purchased to finance the country's conflicts.

At R. Rothem we make sure to do our part so that our customers do not receive conflict diamonds.

• R. Rothem manufactures its own diamonds so we know all the origins of our diamonds in our collection.

• R. Rothem only purchases rough diamonds from reputable companies that have an established and accredited reputation in the diamond trade.

• R. Rothem has contractual agreements with our suppliers to ensure the authenticity of the diamonds, and their origins.

R. Rothem understands that their customers are concerned when it comes to these important purchases where their diamond comes from, and we share that concern with you. So we strive to ensure that all our customers receive the utmost in quality in conflict free diamonds, and strive to maintain these standards including sourcing the diamonds from reputable providers.