The World's Most Famous Diamonds

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Famous, internationally renowned diamonds are unique just like their stories.
Each of these glorious stones has its own genealogy, inextricably entwined with history of generations, wars, truces, power struggles and endless intrigues.
Each famous stone has acquired unique, a one and only, second to none aura, the aura that we call "character" or "destiny" of the diamond.

Major roles played by these diamonds during the human history, often repeat themselves: For some they were talismans, and their role was to guard owners' lives, to others they brought power and wealth. One way or another, there was one thing these stones had in common: they always were the symbols of power, wealth and dominance, an ultimate proof of respect and admiration, an evidence of their owners' high social standing.

The Great Mogul:
Famous Great Mogul Diamond
The Great Mogul Diamond weighing 280 carats was found in the Kollur diamonds mine in Golconda, India in 1640, Read more.

The Cullinan:
Famous Cullinan Diamond
The Cullinan Diamond (The Star of Africa) was found in Africa in 1905, Read more.

The Florentine:
Florentine Diamond
The Florentine Diamond (Austrian Yellow Diamond) was found in the possessions of Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1657, Read more.

The Koh-I-Noor:
Koh I Noor Diamond
The Koh-I-Noor Diamond (a mountain of light) can be traced from the very beginning of the 14h century, Read more.

The Famous Tiffany Diamond:
Tiffany Diamond
The history of the Tiffany diamond found in the Kimberley diamond mine in 1878, Read more.

The Star of the South:
Star Of The South
The history of the famous Star of the South diamond found in Brazil in 1853, Read more.

The Shah:
Shah Diamond
The history of the Shah diamond found in India in the 16th century, Read more

The Sancy:
Sancy Diamond
The history of the Sancy diamond found in 1475, Read more

The Regent:
Regent Diamond
The history of the Regent diamond found in the middle of the 17th century, Read more

The Orlov:
Orlov Diamond
The history of the Orlov diamond discovered at the dawn of the17th century in the mines of Golconda, Southern India, Read more