The Famous Great Mogul Diamond

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May be the most mysterious and wondrous among the Great Diamonds, the Great Mogul was found in the Kollur mine in Golconda in 1640 (although some claim it was discovered in 1650). In comparison to many of the renowned stones the birth of the Great Mogul lack the legendary mystery but its destiny was tortuous and breathtaking.

Indeed, the fable of the "Great Mogul" is rich with dramatic events and speculations. An ancient tradition tells us that the stone had left a bloody trail of intrigues, plotted by the great Mogul dynasty rulers. Families - parents and children, brothers and sisters, - fought wars, plotted intrigues and machinations in an attempt to take possession of this magnificent stone.

Great Mogul Diamond
When the diamond was discovered, the "Great Mogul" weighed approximately 800 carats and was the biggest diamond ever found at that time. Renowned French jeweler, merchant and researcher Jean Baptiste Tavernierwrote in the diary he kept during his journey to India, that he himself witnessed the diamond on November 1, 1665 in the house of the Crown Treasurer Aurangzeb in Agra, the ancient capital of Indian empire. According to his description, the stone was round-shaped and one of its sides was cut and polished into an imperfect rose shape.

"The Great Mogul" was given as a gift to Shahjahan, the famous builder of the Taj Mahal mausoleum. In 1739 India's capital Delhi was conquered and pillaged by the Persian Shah Nadir. "The Great Mogul" has been stolen and disappeared forever. For many years it has been believed that the "Kohinoor" diamond, now owned by the British royal family - is a re-cut Great Mogul. At the end of the 19th century researchers noticed an obvious similarity between "The Great Mogul" and another Great Diamond: "Orlov". Nevertheless the English diamond merchant Stirrer, who studied thoroughly the history of these two famous stones, mentioned only once that the stones have similar shape. In any case, no one has been able to prove above a doubt any of these hypotheses or to find any historical traces left by this magnificent diamond.