The Famous Tiffany Diamond

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This beautiful yellow-brown diamond weighs 128.51 carats. It was created from a crystal found in the Kimberley mine around 1878. Upon its discovery the diamond weighed 287.4 carats, However, some researchers believe that this diamond was actually found in the "De Beers" mine in 1887. The diamond belongs to the New-York jewelry company "Tiffany" and it is displayed for the general public in company's display window.

The tiffany stone has a very unusual cut: squared shaped with rounded edges, the crown has 40 facets while the pavilion has 49 facets, it has a table and a reasonably sized culet as well.

Tiffany Diamond

This video was taken on a glass replica of the Tiffany diamond, the real diamond belongs to Tiffany New York and this video does not intend to show the real diamond.