0.30 carat – 0.90 carat Parcels of VVS - SI Diamonds

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Our customers benefit from our monthly basis steady supply of diamond parcels (lots) consisting original Russian productions of non-certified round shape polished diamonds.

These parcels consist sizes of 0.30 carat up to 0.90 carat, clarities of IF "Cleanish" to SI3, colors from D to L (Collection, White & Commercial) with a cut grading from Excellent to Good (average – Very Good).

Many of the stones have Excellent cut, Excellent polish & Excellent Symmetry (Triple Ex) and our buyers report to us that they are receiving excellent results in terms of GIA grading, profit and customer satisfaction from the unique luster of the Russian cut & polish. The same as with the pique parcels, the demand for this kind of goods (VVS to SI) is extremely high and we are in shortage of goods most of the time.

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