Ideal cut Triple Excellent 1, 1.5 & 2 carat GIA Diamonds

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Our customers benefit from our monthly basis steady supply of diamond parcels (lots) consisting our original Russian productions of GIA certified round shape polished diamonds in sizes of 1 carat, 1.5 carat up to 2 carats. All diamonds are polished to perfection and guaranteed to receive triple excellent (EX EX EX) when sent to the GIA. We are obligated to accept back from our customers any stone that came back from the GIA and did not receive triple ex.

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Ideal cut Triple Excellent Make GIA Diamonds

These parcels consist sizes of 1 carat up to 2 carat, clarities of IF to SI2, colors from D to J, with an excellent cut grading, excellent polish and excellent symmetry, guaranteed. Our buyers report to receiving exactly the results they are expecting in terms of GIA grading, profit and customer satisfaction, not to mention the unique luster of the Russian cut & polish.

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We sell at fair prices of the finest excellent make diamonds.