Certified Argyle Fancy Pink Diamonds 0.10 carat to 0.50 carat

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Our customers benefit from our monthly basis steady supply of Natural Argyle certified pink diamonds consisting an original production of certified rounds & Fancy shape polished pink diamonds directly from the famous Argyle diamond mine.

These pink diamonds are offered for sale stone by stone, each of the stones has both GIA certificate and Argyle certificate, the sizes are usually from 0.10 carat up to 0.50 carat, clarities from IF to I3, intensity color grades from Faint Pink, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense Pink Through Fancy Vivid Pink and up to Fancy Dark or Fancy Deep Pink. Overtone colors are available as Purple, Purplish, Brown, Brownish, Grayish, Orangy, Brownish Orangy and Brownish Purple, the shapes are mostly round shape, princess cut, oval shape, marquise, heart shape & emerald cut.

Watch a video of a tipical Argyle pink diamond below: