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Canadian diamonds come from the exquisite rustic northern Canada.  These northern Canadian territories are scarcely populated, and cover about half a million miles of land. The cold climate and extreme weather conditions of the area have helped preserve the diamond reservoirs. And make for ideal mining locations and facilities from which the Rothem Group buys their diamonds exclusively.

The Rothem Group gets their supply from specific Canadian diamond manufacturers.  The main polished diamond facility, from which the Rothem Group receives their polished diamonds, uses the most current and advanced form of robotic diamond manufacturing equipment on the market today.

Rothem Group receives their excellent quality product from the largest manufacturer of Canadian diamonds in the world. The Canadian diamond mining facilities follow the requirements of the Kimberley Process (which was put into place initially in South Africa so as to impede the trade in 'conflict diamonds' also known as ‘blood diamonds’). The diamonds Rothem Group purchases are attained by manufacturers who operate under the Canadian Code of Conduct. The Rothem Group strives to only buy the best product in polished diamonds available from Canada.

Canadian diamonds are cultivated for their distinct quality, their beauty and elegance. This is because Canada has high environmental standards when it comes to mining. The Canadian diamonds are mined with no worries of blood diamonds or by any suspicious methods. Canada’s diamond mining facilities strive to offer their buyers with the best quality product that they have to offer, which is why their law requires them to give an environmental assessment before a new mine can be dug.

This law helps preserve the diamonds reservoirs, and allowing the manufacturers to continue to mine only high quality rough diamonds. By purchasing a Canadian diamond from the Rothem Group you are ensured that the diamond has come from a well maintained and up to code mine and the Canadian diamond also ensures because of its origin the diamond comes without ethical conflicts.

By purchasing diamonds from the Canadian mines the Rothem Group can be sure that they are supplying customers with the best quality and the most stunning jewels money can offer.

There are specialty cuts that the Canadian manufacturers specialize in. Among the specialties in polished Canadian diamonds, is an exclusive cut known as the Ideal Square cut, which features the hearts and arrows like that of the Ideal Round diamonds. Rothem Group is one of the few diamond companies that sell these Canadian specialty shaped square diamonds. These beautiful shaped stones are aesthetically pleasing on all levels of diamond grades.  Read more about the Ideal Square.