Certified Diamonds GIA Dossier, IGI & EGL 0.30 to 3 carat

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Our customers benefit from our monthly basis steady supply of GIA, IGI & EGL certificates consisting an original production of rounds & Fancy shape polished stones including fancy color diamonds.

These loose diamonds are offered for sale stone by stone, each of the stones is certified by GIA Dossier (for 0.30ct to 0.90ct), GIA, EGL & IGI certificates (for 1ct up to 3 carat), the colors are D to L and the clarities are from IF to SI3. Fancy colors are offered in Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Intense Yellow & Fancy Intense Orange in all shapes mostly rounds, princess, oval, marquise, hearts, cushion & emerald cut.

Watch a video of a tipical GIA Dossier certified diamond below: