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Personalized Framed Photos

Personalized Framed Photos
Moments we share with family and friends are the memories we keep in our hearts. Why not give a gift of memory for Christmas this year, with a personalized and meaningful memento. Read more about personalized framed photos.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Christmas Gift
Think of Christmas gifts as a production line. First, think of the right concept. You might want to be innovative, eco-minded, raise awareness, maybe reinforce and send a message through your gift choice that sets you apart from your competitors. Make sure to implement quality control, check quality standards carefully before choosing the gift. Read more about corporate christmas gifts.

Jewelry for your Christmas Gift

Jewelry for Christmas
Throughout history, jewelry has been perceived as a romantic gift, a personal gesture as well as a unique expression of love, loyalty, true friendship and appreciation. Jewelry is also for special occasions. What better opportunity to make a loved one smile, than with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Read more about jewelry for your christmas Gift.

Jewelry - a Gift for all Ages

Jewelry Christmas Gift
Jewelry is a personalized Christmas gift that you can match to age, style and personality. You can always find a piece of jewelry that is age appropriate, sends the right message and fits your budget. Simple or elegant, antique or modern, romantic or childlike, you can find the right piece of jewelry for just about everyone.. Read more about jewelry as a christmas gift for all ages.

Gifts for Your Boss and Co-Workers

Gifts for Boss
Christmas gifts for a boss, colleagues, or co-workers, can be tricky. On the one hand, it's important to plan well, make lists, and make sure not to forget anyone. On the other hand, there are many things to keep in mind, like what gifts are not appropriate, and what gifts may send the wrong message or give the wrong impression. Read more about Christmas gifts for your boss and co-workers.

Ideas for Writing Christmas Cards

Writing Christmas Cards
It doesn't matter if the Christmas card is attached to a homemade Christmas gift, a personalized gift, a corporate gift, or just a Christmas greeting card on its own Christmas cards are an important part of the holiday, and when there are so many to write, you have to keep the creative juices flowing for new ideas. Read more about ideas for writing Christmas cards.

Ideas for Christmas Card Designs

Christmas Cards Designs
Christmas cards convey a message, and what we write is significant. Greetings can convey warm and heart-felt wishes to your loved ones, the feeling of togetherness with family and friends, the traditions and spirit of Christmas, joy and good cheer for all. Read more about ideas for Christmas card designs.

Gift Exchange Ideas to Celebrate Christmas

Gift Exchange Ideas
Gift exchanges can be fun; find a common theme or angle for your gift, and make a gift swap part of your Christmas celebration. Read more about gift exchange ideas to celebrate Christmas.

Romantic Gifts

Romantic Gifts
Christmas gifts with a romantic touch can be as imaginative, indulgent, pampering, and personal as you want and as far from generic, cliche and practical as you can get. Read more about romantic Christmas gifts.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Christmas Stocking Stuffer
You can make your own stocking stuffers. It may be a good alternative on a tight budget and a long list, but a handcrafted gift is also special, and shows you care. Add some favorite candy and you have a stocking overflowing with sweet and personalized Christmas goodies. Read more about stocking stuffer ideas.

The Perfect Christmas Stocking
It may be a generations-old tradition to hang an empty stocking and wake up to a stocking stuffed with surprises, but you can certainly find many different kinds of stockings to hang besides the traditional red with a white cuff. Read more about perfect Christmas stocking.

Make a List for your Gifts
There are different ways to make your holiday lists, depending on personal relevance. The most important thing is to go about your shopping as efficiently as possible. You want to make your shopping easier and targeted, so you won't miss a thing, and spend less time wandering around aimlessly. Read more about making a list for your Christmas gifts.

Xmas Games for Gatherings
Get into a Christmas atmosphere with gift exchange parties and games in the spirit of Christmas, like Yankee Swap and Secret Santa. These party games are good at home, with friends or at the office; an opportunity to engage everyone in a fun activity. Read more about Xmas games for gatherings.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
You've put a lot of thought into the Christmas gifts, but have you thought how important the gift wrapping is as well? Think of how the present will look under the tree, the smile before the ceremony of opening the presents on Christmas day. Read more about gift wrapping ideas.

Letters to Santa Claus
Writing letters to Santa is a holiday tradition. Santa Claus gets letters from children all over the world. Make Santa letter writing into a pre-Christmas joyful event. Create new family traditions revolving around this generations old custom. Read more about Christmas Letters to Santa Claus.

Play Yankee Swap

Yankee Swap Game
Gifts swap games are a fun way to celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts in groups, with the added element of surprise. Yankee Swap is a fun holiday party game that you can play with family, friends or at the office. Read more about how to play Yankee Swap.

Match the Package to the Gift
Christmas gifts come in different shapes and sizes, some are meant to be placed under the tree, some are hand-delivered, and some sent by mail. Read how to match the package to the Christmas gift.

Fun Games for Gatherings
Christmas gatherings are also opportunities for fun and games. However, not all gatherings are family-oriented, and adult parties call for a completely different atmosphere. Read about fun Christmas games for gatherings.

Fun Games with Kids
Make fun family games a part of your Christmas gatherings, to create memorable experiences and celebrate occasions of togetherness that children will always remember. Read about fun Christmas games with kids.

Turkey Recipes

Christmas Turkey Recipe
Holiday meals are special occasions; delicious smells waft through the air, holiday décor, a warm inviting atmosphere for family and friends, and a fancy dinner table. Read about Turkey Recipes.

Tips for a Successful Christmas Cocktail Party
Christmas cocktail parties can be a fun and informal way to entertain a crowd of people, whether friends, neighbors, or business associates. Read about successful Christmas cocktail party.

Warming Cocktails
Outside it's cold, the snow is piling up (hopefully) and you are inside enjoying a white Christmas, warming your hands on a steaming mug of soup, hot chocolate, or tea. Read about warming Christmas cocktails.

Christmas Gift Safety
Children's safety is a year-round concern. It is something that should also be on your mind when shopping for Christmas gifts. Read about Christmas gift safety.

Homemade Decorations

Homemade Decorations
The holiday season is a time for family fun and togetherness. What better place to start than holiday decorating. You can easily buy Christmas ornaments in the store, but why not get creative and make your own one-of-a-kind homemade Christmas decorations. Read about Homemade decorations for Christmas.

Christmas Decorations for Home and Garden

Christmas Decorations For Garden
Family gatherings and holiday decorating complete the picture of Christmas preparations and celebrations. Read about Christmas decorations for home and garden.

Dinner Setting
Christmas dinner is a special occasion which calls for an elegant table. It's the time of the year when families and friends come together. Read about Christmas dinner setting.

Christmas Cookies

Family Preparing Cookies for Christmas
Christmas has its own 'sweet' traditions for kids and kids at heart; cookies and candy as gifts, as stocking stuffers, decorations, and on the holiday table. Read about Christmas cookies.

Gourmet Menu
If you're planning a gourmet Christmas meal, that's going to require extra special attention to detail, as well as patience and time. Read about Gourmet Menu.

Decorating Dinner Table

Decorating Dinner Table
Decorating for the holiday season adds joy and cheer to every corner of your home, indoors and outdoors. Read about how to decorate the Christmas dinner table.

Home Decorating

Home Decorating Guides
Start your Christmas home decorating projects with a plan of action and family decorating traditions, or you might want to try some new ideas. Read about Christmas home decorating.