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Engagement rings – designs and styles.

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An old saying says that the greatest work of art is nature itself, and that all that man does is inspired by it. Another saying confirms that all that is good and beautiful is inspired by love. If you take both these old, and so true, sayings you will without a doubt meet face to face nature's most beautiful creation, which symbolizes love, loyalty and affection – Diamonds.

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Star Diamond Engagement Ring

Through out the years and the generations diamonds have been present in our lives. Wars have been fought for them, love stories have been written about them and time after time we search and seek for all that they stand for as well as for the beautiful stones themselves. So high is their meaning in society, that they alone have been chosen by us to symbolize the greatest bond of all- love and marriage.

That is probably the reason why engagement rings always comes with a diamond. It doesn't have to be a huge one but it has to be there, present with all its beauty and glory. Engagement rings without it can hardly be called engagement rings – can you really imagine a marriage proposal without that sparkling, brilliant stone?

Matching Twist Engagement Rings

In the past engagement rings were mostly solitaire rings, with or without side stones illuminating the central diamond. Another classic design is the three stone engagement rings, which represent present, past and future. These engagement rings are very popular, because on the one have they have a special sentimental meaning and on the other hand they you get great value for your money, for example – three stones that add up to 1 carat will be cheaper than one diamond of the same weight. This is because the bigger the diamond the rarer it is in nature.

Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

These types of classic engagement rings are still, and will always be in fashion but today there are more designs, no less beautiful and just as worthy of looking into.
For instance there are vintage engagement rings that are very popular today. Engagement rings with plenty of diamonds, lacy gold decorations and usually white gold. This style is from the 1930's and early and today its back once more. Spiral and twist engagement rings are also high in fashion and are considered very feminine designs. Some prefer to go the other way and buy unisex engagement rings, these might be a little less popular but still some have spectacular designs.

Matte Spiral Engagement Rings

A fairly new kind of engagement rings are engagement rings with invisible settings, that is a few diamonds set in the most delicate technique to create the illusion of one very large diamond. The engagement rings with such settings are very beautiful and expensive looking jewelry.

Other engagement rings have different designs with white gold or yellow gold but don't really belong to any specific category, but make no mistake - they are no less beautiful than the defined engagement rings. In any case engagement rings are an investment for life and for love and it is worth while knowing all the styles before choosing the very one that will make her say I DO.