What are Engagement Rings with Sidestones ?

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An engagement ring with side stone's purpose is to pave the way for the center diamond. The side stones are there to enhance your center stone and are the supporting cast and help your ring be distinguished from any other.

There are two types of side stone settings when it comes to side stones; stones that are set to go across your finger from east to west, and stones that go along your finger from north to south. They can be in any of the following shapes; Trapezoids, Baguettes, Chevrons, Half Moons, Shields, Calf's Heads, Kites, Crescents, Pear shaped, Trillion, Ovals, Marquise, Asscher cut, Emerald cut, Radiant cuts and Rounds.

They are generally cut in two different ways depending on the shape of the stone; Step cut or Brilliant cut, a baguette can be cut in either style. Your ring design can have as many or as few as two supporting diamonds depending on your style and aesthetic. Step cut is a style in which color of the stone is more important than the diamonds brilliance. Brilliant cut on the other hand adds to the amount of facets a stone has and so adds sparkle to your hand from the reflecting light.

Engagement Rings with Sidestones

Traditionally the most common setting for a ring with accompanying diamonds is the three stone setting. It is called a "Trinity Ring" or a "Trilogy Ring" and is said to symbolize a couple's past present and future lives together.

Use of additional diamonds in engagement rings of this caliber is very romantic and unique and makes a beautiful backdrop for the star player. This style of ring has a way of making a common design into a one of a kind piece depending on which diamonds and cuts you choose.

Watch a video of one of our sidestone designs: