What Are Twist Diamond Engagement Rings ?

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The twist settings are vast and varied in styles. A twist setting can be made for solitaires, settings with side stones, micro pave settings (these are settings that have a lot of small diamonds incorporated into the band) , tension settings (which mean that the ring looks suspended and is without a prong or bezel), there are also twist rings that can be made with four or six prong settings, as well as settings called "open design" which makes the diamond incorporated in the ring seem like its floating and the band of the ring is not a complete circle.

The look of twist engagement rings can be inspired by antique rings or art deco jewelry as well, there are also braided bands which are made to look like a gold braided rope, and all of these twist settings are each unique to the wearer's personal design esthetic. Twist settings can be made to order in the classic white gold, but also can be made in platinum as well as yellow gold. A growing enthusiasm is going for a new design specialty our "two-tone" twist settings, which are rings made with both yellow and white gold.

Twist Diamond Engagement Rings

These fashionable rings are able to incorporate different cut and shaped stones. Classic round, princess cut, marquise and corona cut to name a few. The stones chosen for these settings are generally in the G-H color chart and usually of SI2 clarity. The carat size incorporated into these twist settings are anywhere from 0.70ct. to 1.0 ct. weight. As to affordability, the twist setting is accommodating to all budgets because of its vast variety of styles and the size stones that are available for these settings.

The price range is affordable for most budgets with engagement rings getting more expensive based on the intricacy of each twist design and quality of stone. We offer simple as well as intricate twist settings in a wide variety of styles as well as prices.

Watch a video of one of our twist designs: