What Are Right Hand Rings ?

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It all started with a campaign called; "Do the Right Thing". When diamond right hand rings were first introduced a few years ago with an ad campaign that exhorted women "to raise their right hand", it didn't strike an immediate chord with consumers, who'd been taught over the course of decades to equate diamonds with brides.

But like a good bottle of wine, the idea matured and today, thanks to the help of Rothem Collection designers, the diamond version of the well-loved cocktail ring - a fashion jewel that complements rather than competes with an engagement ring - is a standard part of any jeweler's repertoire. To understand what a diamond right hand ring is, it might be helpful to realize what it's not, It's not a solitaire or a wedding band, it's not a three stone ring or a signet ring – but it is an eye catching statement piece.

Right Hand Ring

A right hand ring is something for every woman, it's given for any and every occasion. You don't need to be getting married or engaged to own precious diamonds for your hand, wearing one of these stunning pieces is a declaration of a woman's independence. These "right hand settings" can without a doubt be worn on either hand, they are called "right hand settings" because they are not typical engagement or wedding bands. The right hand rings in our collection come in varied styles, and different kinds of trends.

These right hand rings can be made in pave settings, as well as invisible settings or flexible settings, and also classy cocktail rings. The diamonds can be set in yellow or white gold or even two-toned. The diamonds can be by themselves or accented with other precious gems including sapphires and rubies. The styles are special designer pieces which Rothem collection designs so that both your hands can glisten in the limelight.

Women of the world: You know what to do...