Optimal Diamond Assortment Checking Rooms

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Our customers enjoy high class luxury in house checking rooms for optimal diamond assortment including all the necessary equipment you can ever ask,
all in our offices located in the heart of the Israeli diamond exchange in Ramat Gan city.

R. Rothem welcome you to book an appointment in our offices, no obligation viewing, all our diamonds are available at our Ramat Gan showroom as well for purchase through email and we offer the best pricing worldwide matched with unrivaled Russian, Australian & Canadian quality.

The equipment for the comfort of your work:

Ultra white lights.
Fluorescent UV colorscopes.
Sarin cut measurement machine.
Diamond images and HD video photography.
GIA microscopes.
Gemlite color grading cabinet.
Titanium tweezers.
Acurate carat scales.
Parcel papers & shipping boxes.
Ultra white color grading papers.
Melee diamond seaves.
Schneider loupes.
Hearts and Arrows scopes.
Acurate color master stones.

When you need to rest,
A comfortable resting room equipped with computers, printers, super-fast internet, secured Wi-Fi, and even private kitchen with tasty meals of your choice.