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Since its founding in 1942, the R. Rothem Diamonds has specialized in polishing and selling white color and fancy color, mainly pink certified loose diamonds to wholesalers, jewelry stores and jewelry chain stores. By doing so, we are able to provide our wholesale customers with the highest quality of fine Russian make diamonds and exceptional customer service at an average savings of more than 10% compared with most loose diamond suppliers.

While we pride ourselves in offering our proffesional customers the lowest possible prices on our entire selection of GIA certified diamonds, we feel we must do even more and now offering to sell certified loose diamonds to our private friends in the USA, Australia and United Kingdom military and special forces.

Military Discount on Diamonds

For three generations, members of the Rothem Family have both served in the armed forces and returned to serve our customers.  We fully understand and fully support the hard work, dedication, and the sacrifices made by members of the U.S, Australia & U.K military and Special Forces.  And yes:  We definitely understand the financial sacrifices made while serving your country.

So in honor of the difficult sacrifices made by all active military members, The R. Rothem is proud to offer:

1% Discount for Active Military Members and Special Forces

That’s right:  If you are an active member of any qualifying branch of the US Military or Special Forces, you will receive an additional 1% off ANY loose diamond in our stock.  Members of the following branches qualify for the military discount:

  • U.S. | Australia | U.K. Army
  • U.S. | Australia | U.K. Navy
  • U.S. | Australia | U.K. Air Force
  • U.S. | Australia | U.K. Marines
  • U.S. | Australia | U.K. Coast Guard

The R. Rothem is also proud to offer the Military Discount to members of Special Forces units within each respective branch.

How To Claim Your Discount
Once you have selected your diamond and are ready to checkout, please email us at the SKU of the diamond in our stock to complete your order and redeem your 1% Military Discount.  That’s it - just email when you are ready to place your order and we’ll be sure your 1% Military Discount is applied!

If you have any questions about our Military Discount or anything at R. Rothem Diamonds,
Please contact us 24/7 at: .